Online educational games to support the national curriculum.

At a glance

  • Immersive educational games covering the UK National Curriculum.
  • Merged live action & documentary films with immersive gameplay.
  • Part of the UKs Digital Curriculum initiative.
  • Full accessible games with localisation toolkit.

Jam was the BBC's provision for the Digital Curriculum, an initiative launched by the British Government. The content of the service was connected with the National Curriculum for schools in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It covered school subjects such as maths, science, literacy, geography, business studies, citizenship and languages. Milo won two large commissions as part of BBC Jam - Citizen UK and Hospitality & Catering.

Citizen UK is an action adventure game that blends rich game play with live events, user generated content and interactive documentary films. Children undertook missions to improve the lives of the local community by addressing concerns and finding solutions that were satisfactory for different people.

Hospitality and Catering is a TV game show meets soap-opera meets social networking meets simulation game. Video characters in a hyper-real 3D world are entangled in engaging narratives, interspersed with interactive challenges. These are based on real life situations that allow students to develop real skills for the Hospitality & Catering industry, from dealing with customers, to planning a major event.

All games developed for BBC Jam required a localisation strategy and toolkit that enabled the game and films to be localised across the UK (Welsh and Gaelic) and worldwide. Both games are fully accessible with standardized interface control to aid usability, catering for users with motor and visual impairments.

The BBC Jam service was shut down due to a legal challenge concerning fair trading by the BBC.

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